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Project management

It is necessary to implement the mechanisms of construction project managing for construction risks minimizing.

Project management is dividing into several steps:

  1. Pre-project stage;
  2. Designing and planning stage (including organization of project estimates development, project budget management);
  3. Construction stage (organization of processes, work planning, construction control). 

Construction control is a set of services for carrying out control and verification measures. The purpose is to ensure that the contractor complies with the design decisions, budget, volume, schedule and quality of the work carried out at the facility.

This control is carried out by our specialists who have high professional knowledge and experience in the field of construction and compliance with regulatory requirements.

4. The stage of summarizing the work in accordance with the criteria (the main criteria is "just in time" in accordance with the requirements of the сustomer’s technical specifications and building standards).

The team of our specialists is formed to study all the details at the pre-project stage to implement the complex project management work. It allows us to pay attention to the technical nuances and carry out the project in accordance with regulatory requirements. All our specialists have high professional knowledge and experience in the field of construction, including project management and construction control.

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